EPIPE Communications

#define EPIPE 32 /* Broken pipe */

Our Brand

Our business brand EPIPE Communications refers to communications errors in open standards based computer systems. EPIPE is a standard error definition which corresponds to the Broken Pipe error which is defined in IEEE standard 1003.1 and ISO/IEC standard 9945 and their predecessors. It is generally known as the POSIX standard.

EPIPE error usually occurs in situations where there is a communications circuit or a pipe which has broken down for some reason (for example if the other end of the pipe has stopped listening or somebody has unplugged the network cable), and therefore the desired I/O operation would not complete and instead produces an error value EPIPE. The EPIPE error macro is defined in errno.h standard include file.

Use of open systems and standard technology is a fundamental part of our core values. Many of our projects also involve some sort of communications systems challenges. Therefore the name EPIPE Communications.

There are also some other uses of the word EPIPE. In case you have come to the wrong place, you might actually be looking for one of these other similar brands:

  • ePipe is making bandwidth scaling and management solutions and is the pioneer of Multilink IP (ML-IP) technology.
  • ACE DuraFlo's ePIPE is an US patented plumbing repair system which is used to reinforce old pipes by applying an epoxy coating to the inner surface of the pipe.
  • The Technical University of Denmark's Center for Biological Sequence Analysis's EPipe server performs comparative analysis of protein sequences.
  • France's Nuclear Energy Agency's EPIPE is a static and dynamic piping system analysis program.
  • EpipE is a paper describing exploration of the Uilleann pipes as a potential controller for computer-based music.
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